Bite Those Finger Finger Nails, Baby: A “Quick” Tale of Fingernail Fetishism

Suum cuique pulchrum est—“to each his or her own is beautiful.

” For an otherwise normal, 23-year-old male patient described by the Wisconsin psychiatrist Austin McSweeny in 1972, probably the most arousing sexual dream ended up being the image of a overweight girl nibbling at her finger finger nails.

  • By Jesse Bering on August 14, 2013

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Suum cuique pulchrum est—“to each his or her own is beautiful. ” For an otherwise normal, 23-year-old male patient described because of the Wisconsin psychiatrist Austin McSweeny in 1972, the absolute most arousing sexual dream had been the image of a obese girl nibbling at her finger nails. And thus be it. One guy’s bad habit is another’s erotica. The difficulty, but, ended up being that the individual, presumably a virgin whom’d never ever experienced any kind of partnership, wasn’t more comfortable with their “onychophilia” (fingernail fetishism). In the end:

He could only become sexually aroused and experience penile erection by seeing or fantasizing the fingernails of a female while they had been being bitten by her. Sporadically, the simple sight of the woman’s seriously bitten fingernails would result in the client to see a spontaneous erection … As soon as the client experienced the proper fetish situation, he could masturbate to the level of ejaculation and experience satisfaction. This is his only method of expressing their sexual interest.

The psychotherapist’s request the person to photo heterosexual sexual intercourse or a vagina in the mind’s eye ended up being sufficient to produce him vomit. Much like another regular Deviant, our belly-button lover from before, this guy had been a partialist. That is, their primary carnal longings had been for the particular human body component, an added compared to the run-of-the-mill personal components. Just like those of us whom aren’t partialists can probably be said to own particular “tastes” in intimate partners—say, having a choice for blondes over brunettes, or, everything else equal, opting for high over quick, so on—his flavor in finger finger finger nails had been for well-bitten people connected to pudgy arms.

Just like the developmental origins of every fetish or paraphilia, this man’s obsession with nail biting had been something of the secret. At thirteen, their mom attempted to get him to suckle from her breasts (she had been, at that time, lactating for their brother that is newborn). The individual described their mother as a “very domineering, dishonest, unaffectionate, overprotective woman. ” Having a bit of work such as this for the feminine archetype, McSweeny surmises, probably had something regarding the person’s current intimate problems. “His mother’s fingernails had been constantly well-manicured, long, slender and very carefully refined, ” writes the author:

He felt that there clearly was a match up between these real facets of their mom additionally the undeniable fact that he had been disrupted by slender females and also by long, slim, well-manicured fingernails. Conversely, he had been drawn to wide, brief, bitten fingernails, in which he ended up being regarding the viewpoint that ladies seemed most readily useful should they had been obese.

Ah, but there clearly was a homosexual twist in the outcome, as there so frequently is as soon as one goes down the twisted bunny opening of neo-Freudian sleuthing. It appears that per year before that unnerving event with their mother’s inflamed breasts, the individual had had their very first severe crush for a classmate. And, instead interestingly, it absolutely was for another boy—a child whom, as it happens, had been a nail-biter that is chronic. “At that point, ” McSweeny informs us, “he employed a masturbation dream of their chum when you look at the work of biting their fingernails. ”

It is worthwhile considering simply how much could have gone unsaid during these sessions about the subject’s suppressed same-sex desires. The fingernail fetishist “wanted absolutely nothing to do” with homosexuality. This is one of is own main issues, and far for the healing change included the man’s strenuous efforts to persuade himself of his or her own masculinity. (it absolutely was 1972, keep in mind, therefore a year ahead of the APA formally declassified homosexuality being a psychiatric condition. ) The in-patient reluctantly confessed to McSweeny exactly just just how, sometimes, he expanded stimulated by certain men’s gnawed-on fingernails, too. The overwhelming nausea experienced by the patient upon being asked to visualize a vagina may be as much a reflection of his underlying homosexuality as it is a product of his fingernail fetishism in my opinion.

However, the psychiatrist reported success in handling the man’s wet fingernail-related ambitions through hypnotherapy. Having a few choice hypnotic recommendations deposited within the patient’s somnambulant mind (such as, “not all ladies are your mother, ” and “the feminine intercourse organs aren’t dangerous and will not need to be frightening or repugnant”), their passion for promiscuous cuticles did actually run dry notably. The person also became involved to a obese woman whom he’d offered the (demonstrably psychodynamic) nickname “Big Mamma, ” insisting she keep her finger finger nails cut brief. Yet, “although the individual realized a change that is rather dramatic his intimate behavior, ” McSweeny admits, “he had not been experiencing ejaculation during intercourse. ”

Now, phone me personally a cynic—or maybe a romantic, varies according to the manner in which you look I suppose—but I have a sneaking suspicion that, were we to track down this long-forgotten fingernail fetishist today, we’d be greeted at the door by a puzzled man busily biting his nails and asking why on earth we’re asking to see his boyfriend at it.

Suum cuique pulchrum est.

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