The effects of utilizing Smartphone Dating Applications on Sexual Risk Behaviours in university students in Hong Kong

Unprotected intercourse that is sexual

Contrary towards the findings of past studies in regards to the utilization of dating apps among homosexual males 6, 8, we unearthed that, weighed against nonusers, apps users had been prone to have had unprotected sexual sex with an increase of sexual lovers, inconsistent condom use with no condom usage if they last had intercourse that is sexual. Nonetheless, it really is difficult to compare those of the previous studies to our results as a result of variations in study populations, control groups, the recall amount of condom usage additionally the concept of sexual activity. Subjects associated with the previous studies had been all homosexual. Tests by Grosskopf et al and Lee et al contrasted the pattern of condom use between software users and topics whom utilized the world wide web ( not apps that are dating for dating 6, 9. It had been possible that both teams had comparable intimate methods, ultimately causing no distinction in the pattern of condom usage. The recall amount of condom use within the studies that are previous the final a few months 6, 8, 16. The last studies only examined unprotected rectal intercourse whereas the current research examined condom use within anal, oral and virginal sex. Although the chance of HIV transmission through dental intercourse is a lot less than anal or sex that is vaginal other viral and nonviral intimately transmitted conditions such as gonorrhoea, herpes and syphilis could be transmitted through dental intercourse 27, 28.