Why Do Teenagers Date Old Partners?

In amount, significantly more than 55,000 births in Ca in 2002 included a minumum of one teenage moms and dad. For 38,000 of the (68%), one other moms and dad had been over age 20; in 9,000 (16%), one other moms and dad had been over age 25.

These habits raise two concerns regarding fundamental definitions. First, if all the lovers with what we call “teenage” childbearing are over age 20, why do we make reference to the occurrence by the more youthful chronilogical age of the caretaker as opposed to the adult chronilogical age of the daddy? 2nd, in case a delivery by a teenage feminine is known as to represent the problem that is social of, ” maternity and childbearing whatever the chronilogical age of the daddy, exactly why isn’t a delivery fathered with a teenage male additionally regarded as element of this “problem” no matter what the chronilogical age of mom?