Dear Abby: I make money using my hobby, and my partner believes she gets half

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DEAR ABBY: my family and i retired 5 years ago. I’ve sufficient savings plus an pension that is excellent us to call home comfortably.

We used a spare time activity three years ago that creates about $5,000 in yearly earnings, that I put away in a bank account that is separate. My spouse asked, “what exactly are you saving that money for? ” We said perhaps a car that is classic helping with a family reunion ( back at my side), etc. She responded, “We should be in the page that is same just how it gets invested because half of it is mine. ”

He sided with her because (legally) half of what I have is hers when I reached out to my son for his insight. I have not a problem consulting I feel she is controlling and petty with her on a major expenditure coming out of our other savings, but on this one. Your thoughts?


DEAR HOBBY: I agree to you. Not just that, but she additionally does not have tact.