What exactly is GHB? Class C forbidden drug – colourless and odourless fluid or powder, frequently dissolved in water

  • Generates emotions of euphoria in really little doses; in mere somewhat bigger quantities could cause unconsciousness and death
  • Employed by clubbers as well as in so-called “chemsex”; additionally often implicated in intimate offences
  • Considered to account for tens of thousands of hospital admissions each but statistics on its misuse remain sketchy year
  • Between 2007 and 2017 significantly more than 200 deaths had been for this drug; since 2014 it is often known as as being a murder tool in five instances
  • Closely pertaining to GBL, a liquid that is colourless sold is an commercial cleaner and converts to GHB in the human body. GBL is classed as Class C prohibited drug when knowingly designed for peoples consumption

One target, whom woke up nude on Sinaga’s floor feeling nauseous and panic-stricken, stumbled on the final outcome he previously been drugged, telling their fiance about this suspicion not concerning the condition in that he awoke.